In reflection- Wendy Thomas’ Prayer Journey from Lands End to John O’Groats

Posted on Sep 6, 2016 in Prayer


Two years ago I asked God what he wanted me to do next and he said he wanted me to take his love to the nation and call his sons and daughters back to him. He said he wanted me to take a bus done out as the Father’s House from Land’s End to John o Groats.  I said, ‘oh that’s a nice prophetic picture’ and he said, ‘No, I mean literally! First I want you to do the trip in a car and pray the Father’s blessing over the nation and call my sons and daughters back to me.’  I asked how many times we were meant to do the trip in prayer and he said 3 times. I have done the trip in prayer 3 times now praying the Father’s blessing over the nation and stopping in places along the way talking about the trip and of course about knowing God as Father.  When God originally said about doing it in a bus I imagined it would be a big bus like Cliff Richard in Summer Holiday!   However when we did the second trip we got to Land’s End and looked in the shops and God said to buy one of the toy VW campervans/micro buses.  I picked a red one up and he said, ‘No, get the yellow one(there was only one yellow one in the shop). I did and when I had bought it I asked him why. He said the yellow represented his glory and we would be carrying his glory through the nation and it was also the colour of hope and we were taking his hope to the nation. He told me that the vehicles were symbols of the sixties and he was redeeming the sixties and the children of the sixties.  My husband Colin would have been known as a child of the sixties having been a hippie then and being younger than him I was a literal child in the sixties(0-10).  He said this time we were going as hIs children.  He said they used to be known as love buses and we would be taking his love to the nation and the toy had the peace symbol on it and he said we were taking his peace to the nation.  This was the first time I thought he might want us to do the end trip in a yellow VW camper van.  On the third trip I felt as we were nearing Land’s End more and more certain God wanted us to do the end trip in a yellow VW micro bus and asked Colin (my husband) if he was equally as sure and he said no, but it could be.  We went into the shop and there was only one t-shirt with a yellow VW camper van on it and God told me to buy it. It was my size!  I did and by now I was 100% convinced, though Colin not quite as much. On our way from there to KIngsteignton where we were staying overnight (a 3 and a half hour journey) we passed 60 VW camper vans.  They weren’t in convoy and they weren’t all going in the same direction.  This just doesn’t happen normally!  Colin was finally convinced as it was like God was saying “how many times do I have to tell you?”  Earlier this year God also asked me to get towns through the nation giving out the Father’s Love Letter in the same month (October), so I believe God wants us to do the final trip in a yellow VW camper van during the month of October.We don’t have one, neither do we have the money for one.  Please can you pray God provides and if you happen to know anyone who has a yellow VW camper van they are willing to loan us or any ideas on how to get one please let me know!  Please pray for the fulfilment of this vision.  If you would like updates please let me know and I will be happy to keep you updated.

I know you have been interested in the vision in the past .Thank you for your prayers, gifts or having us to stay or speak.  You have partnered with us and we are truly grateful and any fruit is as much yours as ours  as we couldn’t have done the trips without you.  We don’t know if God wants us to own a VW camper van or loan or hire one and I am sure He will make it fully known.  In a sense the quickest option would be to hire one. This would cost £3,500 which consists of the hire cost, fuel, food, inside temporary additions to turn it into the Father’s House and food and insurance.  The easiest or cheapest option would be for someone to loan or give us a camper van of course! At the moment we don’t have a penny toward this camper van.  Please pray for provision for this and how if in any way God wants you to participate(e.g.prayer, maybe you know someone or you have a camper van in yellow you can loan us or donation).  Please pray for us to be able to fulfil the vision God has given us.  If we were to buy a van they cost between £10-!5,000 for a 1970s one or between £35-45,000 for a brand new one according to the model.  Please pray we are absolutely sure which way of having a VW van we adopt. If we owned one we would use it in ministry and God has shown us how but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are meant to own one right now for this trip.  So, in summary, the minimum cost will be £3,500. To believe for this amount is stretching our faith but God has always been faithful to provide for previous trips and I know he will be faithful to provide now.

Although we are saying it is to be a yellow camper van if you have or know of a van that can be donated to the ministry but is a different colour we have someone who has said they will spray it yellow for us.

Once again thank you so much and we are honoured to have you partner with us for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom and his Glory.  It is all about him.


Wendy Thomas

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National prayer coordinator embarks on 2016 Prayer Journey

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 in Events, Prayer


Wendy Thomas, national prayer coordinator for Street Pastors, is embarking on her third Prayer Journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats on Friday 29 April.

Wendy and her husband Colin will be driving 2,100 miles over 13 days and praying God’s blessing on our nation, stopping in various places to meet and pray with street and prayer pastors.

If you would like to support Wendy’s vision for the Prayer Journey, get details of her itinerary or contribute to her costs, email

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Older street and prayer pastors S.I.T

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 in Prayer, Think about it

They might do it sitting down, but many older Christians are still committed to serving their communities and being people who stay in touch (S.I.T.)

News headlines tell us a variety of stories about older people. One day it will be a story about loneliness, or about vulnerability and abuse, or an older person who has been the victim of a financial scam. On another day we’ll hear that old age is the golden age or that the ‘baby boomers’ are accumulating property and pension wealth.

We can show you another picture of old age

We meet lots of older people who are keen to stay in touch with their community and be part of the Church’s response to the needs and problems of the locality.

Older Christians


The gentleman in the photo (left) has served as a street pastor in Kent until last weekend when, at the age of 94 he stepped down from monthly patrols to take up a role as a prayer pastor in his team.





In East Grinstead the founder of Street Pastors, Les Isaac, recently had the pleasure of meeting three older ladies who pray for their Street Pastors team.

As 92-year-old Jeannie says, age and disability are not a barrier to prayer!

Street Pastors also need prayer support while working with the community, you just need a telephone to receive the requests for prayer for the different problems people share with them.

Age and disability are not a barrier – I speak from experience and I am so grateful to still be able to serve the Lord (while sitting in my chair, aged 92). Street Pastors would welcome your offer of becoming a prayer warrior.

Meet David, who is now 91, and became a street pastor when he moved from Cambridge to Tunbridge Wells to be near his daughter. In 2015, with failing eyesight, David transferred to become a prayer pastor. His desire is “just to continue”.

What wonderful role models – we honour and respect you! It is our hope that the Street Pastors initiative may be a catalyst for prayer in our nation and for the mobilisation of ordinary Christians in response to the community around them, and we are excited by the evidence that many older Christians are rising to the challenge.

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“We pray so that you are not alone”

Posted on Feb 22, 2016 in Prayer

“I love the fact that because we can choose to lift someone up in prayer, they are no longer alone in their situation,” says prayer pastor Michelle, based in a Street Pastors team in Cornwall.

outstretched hands in prayer“One night we’d been praying for a lad who had drunk far too much and had passed out by the Castle pub with a friend sitting by his side. CCTV had been so concerned about this boy, that while the team was on their break, they had called us over the radio to ask if we could walk that way and check on the boy. They said that the man on the ground had not moved and the other boy was looking worried.

“The team put their coats back on and got ready to leave, and me and David, the two prayer pastors that night, started to pray. Suddenly David pulled his chair up to mine and opened a notebook. On a clean page he drew two lines. ‘Two lines, for the two boys outside the Castle,’ he said. He then he circled them with a quick curve of the pen, and explained to me that because we were praying, those boys were no longer alone.

“He then added an arrow, which, he said, represented the street pastors moving towards them. He used another line on the page to symbolise the CCTV operator. David then drew circles around all of these lines, saying ‘God is around all of them.’

“It was the simplest of drawings, but at the time it perfectly expressed our belief that prayer invites God into any and every situation. I love that idea! It is one of my greatest sorrows that those who don’t know Jesus walk through life alone. They have to face every challenge, every argument, every harsh word … everything … alone.

“Jesus said ‘I do not leave you as orphans.’ We are filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is one that invades us and fills us. The Bible describes this as a stream of living water – something that can spread and fill every part of us and every situation that we face.

“Isn’t it amazing that when we pray for other people we are giving them a break from doing life alone? It’s just as Jesus said to Paul when he spoke to him dramatically on the road to Damascus – ‘It is hard for you to go against the grain.’ I believe that life without God is like swimming against the tide or kicking against the goad. It is not easy to run from God, doing life alone, not having your Creator to lead you and guide you. Christians should be compassionate towards people who struggling – and we can lift them up in prayer and ask for help for them.”


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Rail pastors step on board with amazing timing

Posted on Feb 12, 2016 in Messages of thanks, Prayer

“I never would have thought to ask for prayer,” said Kenny, but at the precise moment that three rail pastors stepped onto his train he heard the Lord’s Prayer playing on his MP3 player.

“The four of us huddled together and they prayed for me.”

“I have more than 350 media files on my device so the probability of that file playing at that time was tiny. I pulled out my earbud and let one of the pastors listen to what was playing. I told her God must be communicating with them!

“I want to say thank you to the rail pastors. Last night I spent one hour talking to my dad about what those guys prayed for. He lives in the US and I miss him dearly. My dad told me he would pray for me.

“I believe the rail pastors were instruments of the Lord, answering my dad’s prayers for me. Thank you, I am touched and humbled.”

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