Category: Response Pastors

23 June, 2017

Another Report on Grenfell Tower Deployment

Great day in the best meaning possible, what a privilege to be there to serve the Lord with the hurting people . There were so many of them, to be able to show our love and care. How important a hug is and a shoulder to cry on. Great team. A few residents came, one […]

19 June, 2017

Reflections of Karan Harris RP from Kettering on Facebook

Two days in London supporting the community at Grenfell Tower are two days I will never forget. Nothing prepares you for the shock of seeing the blackened towering tomb that pierces the west London skyline. The gaping holes of blown out windows where families and people once lived, partied, played, loved and laughed now a […]

19 June, 2017

Friday 16th June Deployment Report

13 RPs today Deployed initially to Methodist church to support pastor Mike and wife Suzie . we have sorted it to operate from there on Saturday and Sunday to be reviewed Monday. This has candles and flowers and continues as place for public grief. Deployed to area of Latimer Christian centre where they are inundated […]

16 June, 2017

London Fire Disaster – Response Pastors

Following waking up to the most awful news regarding the fire at a west London block of flats, we have been able to deploy teams of response Pastors in the area since Wednesday in collaboration with the emergency services and faith groups.  Below is an extract from todays team leader report|: We have deployed 6 […]