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A poem about street pastors (written by Eve Hughes)

Jun 15, 2015 | Street Pastors in the arts

Out on the streets I can share His love
Make some of the folk aware of God above
I can practically show in so many ways
How Jesus did things and still does today
With a smile on my face and His love in my heart
I listen and talk to those whom I meet
And give lollipops to whoever I greet
God leads my footsteps wherever the need
For he knows the people that I should ‘feed’.

So armed with his words and his shield of protection
I share that love in his Newbury creation
To follow in God’s footsteps and care for his people
I walk the streets of our town
Leaving behind the church walls and the steeple!
God blesses the work of street pastors worldwide
Would YOU like to join me and be by my side?

There’s nothing quite like it out there on the ground
On the streets of our cities and also the towns
Come, follow those footsteps, share the unconditional love
Given so freely by our Lord above
Out in the open showing that love
Bringing some peace just like a dove
Proving to one and all, no judgement call, that God has a face
What wonderful grace.

Written by Eve Hughes, a street pastor in Newbury