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Ascension Trust and BMS to work together

Apr 20, 2015 | Press releases

A new relationship has been formed between Ascension Trust, the governing body of Street Pastors and BMS World Mission. A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed at Ascension Trust’s headquarters in Morden, Surrey, as an agreement about working together in the training of street pastors for both UK locations and overseas.

“Ascension Trust is excited about this new relationship with BMS. Both Ascension Trust and BMS are mission driven, with individual strengths,” said Eustace Constance, Ascension Trust’s operations manager. “Our joint commitment to see the church equipped and active is a great place for this relationship to start.”

BMS director of mission, Peter Dunn, referred to the partnership as a “strategic relationship”. He continued, “We both share a passion and a vision for mission. My hope and prayer is that we will be able to help equip street pastors for mission in the UK as they meet people of many different cultures on the streets, and that we will be able to contribute to this mission tool being used where appropriate overseas.”

BMS also hopes to assist with making introductions for Street Pastors in countries where it has links. This new collaboration could also enable BMS to encourage the outreach of churches at home in the UK. “The Street Pastors initiative helps churches to see beyond their four walls and give them the tools to be able to actively do something about the issues they’re so concerned about on our streets at night,” added BMS UK field leader, Graham Doel. “This relationship has the potential to see churches in all kinds of contexts released in mission.”