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17 September, 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury becomes street pastor for a night

The Archbishop of Canterbury has swapped his mitre and cassock for a baseball hat and a high-visiblity jacket to meet late-night clubbers – and even pose for selfies.

15 September, 2014

Q&A with Les Isaac, founder of Street Pastors

On Facebook and Twitter you’ve asked your burning questions and here Les gives his answers to the best of the bunch.

15 September, 2014

Did you know…?

Over 11 days of the Commonwealth Games, Street Pastors teams were in action 25 times – day and night

15 September, 2014

The Street Pastors guide to better walking (5 steps)

It’s quite possible to walk the streets where you live and not know much about the dynamics that are at work there – local politics, mindsets and influences. But if we are perceptive and informed we can walk wisely, with a critical awareness of the events, environments and attitudes around us. We can use what we learn to ask questions, celebrate the good stuff and play an active part.

15 September, 2014

Flipping great

The Luminar Group operates the UK’s largest chain of nightclubs. During August Luminar handed out more than 3200 pairs of flip flops to customers leaving its 53 nightclubs as part of a link with the Street Pastors initiative.