Thank you for scanning the Street Pastors ID Card. All our team members are trained to care, listen and help anyone who is need and signpost people to services and authorities who can provide extra support.

Here is some useful advice to help you verify the legitimacy of the Street Pastor you have spoken to.

All Street Pastors are required to wear a Street Pastor Jacket, Polo/Denim Shirt, and a cap or beanie. At night there will be a minimum of 3 Street Pastors together nearby each other. In the day time there will be a minimum of 2 but they will be together. Street Pastors are not allowed to operate as a single person in public.

All Street Pastors will also be required to carry an ID card and they will look like 1 of 2 designs:



Any card that does not look like this is a false card and the individual is not a representative of the Street Pastor team.

If you have a concern about the legitimacy of a Street Pastor you can email the local team by using the following template: (e.g.

in an emergency, please contact 999.