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ConfBNOcroppedIf you would like to help introduce Street Pastors to your area, please follow the steps below: 1 Identify contacts in other churches in your area who are interested in working with you. 2 Contact the Development Manager at Ascension Trust using the box below.

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“I see the activities of Street Pastors as evidence of a healthy society where members of the community give up their time to support those in need through vulnerability or unwise choices. In many case I believe a gentle intervention from Street Pastors is more appropriate and effective than what might be seen as a confrontational intervention by police. “I have enormous respect for the commitment of your volunteers, giving up their time to deal with potentially difficult situations … this has particularly been reinforced on nights when I have seen them maintain their patrols in foul weather when a warm cup of coffee or bed must be a far more appealing prospect.” Inspector Andy Tomlinson, Devon and Cornwall Police