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Response Pastors deployed to tragic tram crash in Croydon (November 2016)

Dec 8, 2016 | Response Pastors

London Borough Response Pastors were speedily deployed in Croydon near to the scene of the recent tragic tram crash in which seven people lost their lives and many more injured.


Several teams of Response Pastors deployed over a four day period. The initial main interaction was with the emergencies services, the British Transport Police, the Metropolitan Police and Rail Investigation Team. Response Pastors were requested to assist the Police by taking people to the main site to lay flowers into the cordoned off area.

The Response Pastors liaised closely with the British Transport Police and were able to share compassion and support with people close to the scene; they spoke with many family, and friends of the deceased who attended the scene.


Local Clergy have welcomed the deployment of Response Pastors, stating that they can provide a practical support to others, as they have the credibility and skills to share appropriately with those people.