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The night I met a street pastor: Messages of thanks

Feb 19, 2015 | Messages of thanks

Where did you meet street pastors? Kingston upon Thames

Me and my friends were walking from our fresher’s ball barefoot and carrying our shoes. Street pastors saw us and offered us flip flops so that there was no danger of hurting ourselves. We had a chat with them and were so grateful! Thank you so much for caring about a bunch of inebriated teenagers in the middle of the night. Next time I’ll bring flat shoes, but you were a life saver. Emma

Where did you meet street pastors? Sunderland

When I met the street pastors my friend had just been taken out of a night club as she had fainted, and we were trying to get her a seat. The team got her a blanket, encouraged her to drink water, and one of them got a taxi so I could accompany her to hospital. I also pointed out another girl falling over, drunk, and they helped her in addition. I got my friend to A&E, and the hospital ended up keeping her in for almost a week, and even had to do a brain scan. The pastors were the only people we met that night that believed me when I said she hadn’t drunk much, as the hospital didn’t accept the truth until we’d been in A&E for 4 hours! The street pastors were all very friendly, listened to what I was saying, were comforting, and were overall great people. You do great work, and after that experience I’m looking to see how I can get involved myself, or at least help in another way. I would’ve struggled if it wasn’t for them! Thank you so much. Rachel

Where did you meet street pastors? Barking

I was completely drunk out of my head, puking all over the place, and then my best friend picked me up with the street pastors who took me to a local church where some nurses checked up on me and took some blood. I was then given leave. On my way to the church I couldn’t stop thanking the street pastors – they are doing an amazing job, long live street pastors. Saleh

Where did you meet street pastors? Sheffield

After a heavy night out for my 21st birthday I was a little worse for wear and could no longer stand the pain of my heels. I was walking down Carver Street barefoot which was actually pretty stupid of me, when a woman street pastor stopped me and asked if I would like some flip flops. It was a small gesture but I was actually so grateful and it stopped me from having an injury or stepping on glass. I think the work that you are doing is so kind especially for you to be doing it so late at night. Thanks a bunch and I hope I will get to meet you again to be able to personally thank you! Keep up the good work. Laura