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The night I met a street pastor: Messages of thanks

Nov 19, 2014 | Messages of thanks


I want to let the two amazing street pastors in Glasgow that I met tonight know that I got home ok.

They approached me on their bikes to inform me that I was being followed by a young man and then also approached him in front of me, asking me if I knew him, which I didn’t. After this they then ensured that I got to a taxi rank safely and refused to leave me until I was safely in a taxi.

I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am to these two street pastors, they told me to Facebook them and let them know that I got home ok, but I couldn’t remember their names. I hope this gets back to them in some way!


[daughter] I met street pastors in Reading. They were super nice and gave me flip flops and helped me along, then helped me while I was sick.

[mum] I just want to say a massive thank you to you all for looking after her. I am so grateful you were there. I feel so embarrassed though.

[daughter] I am just very appreciative, and you were so kind. You are super nice, anything could have happened, but it didn’t cos of you. Thank you.


Me and my partner met the street pastors on Regent Street in London after finding a man passed out in the middle of the road. Everyone else just ignored him! We couldn’t believe so many people had walked past him and done nothing.

We tried to talk to him and eventually rang an ambulance. It was while we were waiting for the ambulance that the street pastors came along. They rang 999 again and administered First Aid.

The man was hugely intoxicated and had hit his head badly. He was only wearing a T-shirt on a freezing night so we gave him a jacket.

I was hugely impressed with your effort and your commitment to the tiring job that you have chosen to perform.