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The Street Pastors training course: What does it cover?

Mar 4, 2015 | Training

The Street Pastors training course presents the ethos of the Street Pastors initiative, and contains resources to prepare teams for appropriate and relevant relationships on the streets. It aims to bring together the challenges of a Christian responsibility for our neighbourhoods with the specialised knowledge vital to participation in 21st-century culture.

The course contains eight core sessions, plus others that a team can choose to include in the light of specific needs in their local context. Every new trainee will be part of an initial session called Roles and Responsibilities. After that trainees will:

Look behind the headlines and develop a good understanding of their community (Session: Knowing your community)

Practise the techniques of active listening (Session: Listening skills)

Catch a vision for bringing hope to the place where they live (Session: Good news)

Understand the principles and policies of a street pastor’s responsibility to protect vulnerable children and adults (Session: Safeguarding awareness)

Be confident in communicating with and nurturing young people (Session: Youth culture)

Understand the categories of illegal substances, classifications and penalties for misuse (Session: Drugs and alcohol awareness)

Learn how to stay safe while on patrol and what the working relationships between street pastors and the Police look like (Session: Police)

In addition there are two practical assignments during which new trainees go out on patrol with a team as an observer.

Could you be a street pastor? Check out our guidelines for eligibility.