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Tuesday: Response pastors and Exercise Unified Response

Mar 2, 2016 | Events, Response Pastors

ImageResponse Pastors are part of the disaster training exercise known as Exercise Unified Response, designed to test London’s response to a major crisis.

It’s the largest multi-agency exercise run in the UK to date.

Response pastors are part of the exercise to support and assist survivors, relatives, friends and others over the four days.

For volunteers this is an opportunity to put their training into practice. Hundreds of  ‘role players’ are part of the exercise, simulating injured and distressed members of the public.

Response Pastors national coordinator, Mike Freeman, says “These actors are very realistic. During the exercise they will be people who are desperately seeking friends, information and assistance, and they will plead with you to assist, sometimes in circumstances in which you are unable do what they are asking for.”

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