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“Wah gwaan?” Jamaica Street Pastors

Jul 3, 2015 | What's happening?

Wah gwaan?

What’s going on?

JamaicaJuly15The team in Kingston is now 125-strong, and Friday night patrols go out with teams of 20. A team has recently been launched in Montego Bay and there are plans to bring Street Pastors to other areas.

The photo shows the team preparing to go out last week.

Teams usually start the night at 9pm and finish around 12-1pm. The finish time is earlier than in the UK so that volunteers can get home on the last buses. A minibus to provide transport for volunteers after their shift (so that the patrol time can be extended) is a target for the recent fundraising concerts held here in the UK on behalf of Jamaica Street Pastors.

Street pastors in Jamaica are often called over by people who would like to talk. Another key area of work for them is preventing violence on the streets from escalating.