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Writing competition results

Sep 3, 2016 | Street Pastors in the arts, What's happening?

For our recent writing competition, which we ran jointly with the Association of Christian Writers (ACW), we invited you to write 1,000 words – fiction or non-fiction – about people who put the Christian ethos into practical action.

Well done to all of you who entered the Today’s Good Samaritans competition! The judges enjoyed reading writing from a wide range of points of view. We’re now pleased to announce the top three entries.

First prize:  ‘The man who sold me a pear’, written by James Webb

We were in the supermarket to buy a pear for Imogen. She’d been asking for one all day, ever since she saw a picture of a pear in the morning and been reminded that they existed. There were no pears at home, so I found myself in a supermarket, a single pear in my hand, queuing up to pay.

And I felt embarrassed …

Second prize:   ‘Mealbank’, written by Carol Purves

Meg was putting the finishing touches to the tea table when the door bell rang.

“Maisie! How lovely to see you! You’re looking well.” As she grasped Maisie’s arms, drawing her towards her in a warm embrace, she had never seen her look so radiant.

“Meg, this is Scott.” Maisie pulled back, grabbing hold of the hand of the young man waiting silently in the background …

Third prize:  ‘Surrogate’, written by Sue Row

It started with a flood. A real flood, not a trickle of water. A flood that in places reached 16ft and made over 800 homes uninhabitable. The December 2015 floods, caused by Hurricane Desmond, was widely reported, but what is not always realised is the devastation to each and every family involved …

You can read the first prize entry here and in the next edition of ACW’s quarterly magazine, Christian Writer. Watch this space for for the second and third prize entries – they will be posted on this site soon.