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A poem about Street Pastors (written by Carol Service)

Sep 11, 2015 | Street Pastors in the arts

We are Belfast Street Pastors and we go out at night,
We wear a uniform with our logo shining so bright.
So why is it some people stop and say,
“Look here’s the peelers coming our way.”
Or if they see us approaching their car,
They put distance between us and get away far.
They say sorry “I was only parking for a wee while”,
And then give us a dirty look, so we just smile.
Maybe people don’t know what it is we do,
When they see us out walking in our coats of blue.
Well, let me answer a few of your questions on here.
We are Belfast Street Pastors and we will stop to listen, help or care.

We go around Belfast each Friday and Saturday night,
Walking and helping until it reaches daylight.
Here are some of the things that we do:
We give out flip flops and lift glass bottles, too.
We will pick you up if you fall down,
You can never miss us around Belfast town.
So it doesn’t really matter what we wear,
Cause we are Belfast Street Pastors, ready to HELP, LISTEN and CARE .

Written by Carol Service, Belfast Street Pastors