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23 March, 2016

Older street and prayer pastors S.I.T

They might do it sitting down, but many older Christians are still committed to serving their communities and being people who stay in touch (S.I.T.) News headlines tell us a variety of stories about older people. One day it will be a story about loneliness, or about vulnerability and abuse, or an older person who has […]

7 December, 2015

“Weirdly effective unworldiness”: The Spectator magazine on Street Pastors

We think this fresh and insightful view of Street Pastors in The Spectator is worth sharing. The feature is a response to the announcement by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucester of a £40,000 grant to cover training and resources for local Street Pastors teams.

2 November, 2015

“Seeing what God is doing and joining in”: Brian Anderson reflects on a night out with Belfast Street Pastors

Revd Brian Anderson is the president of the Methodist Church in Ireland. This weekend he spent four hours on the streets with Belfast Street Pastors. Here’s what he posted on Facebook the next day.

23 September, 2015

“God’s got me here!” Les Isaac on BBC Radio Essex

Listen to Les Isaac, co-founder of the Street Pastors initiative, talking to BBC Radio Essex.

15 September, 2015

Antagonism towards Christianity: Don’t be afraid of it

Tim, a street pastor in Melbourne, Australia, shares this story of a “dispiriting” encounter with a man with atheist views, and what he learned from it.