Older street and prayer pastors S.I.T

They might do it sitting down, but many older Christians are still committed to serving their communities and being people who stay in touch (S.I.T.) News headlines tell us a variety of stories about older people. One day it will be a story about loneliness, or about...

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Human, kind

Have you ever hovered on the edge of someone else’s distress, debating whether or not to get involved? ‘Do they really want me to do something?’, you ask yourself. ‘Will I make a fool of myself?’. ‘What if I’ve mis-read the situation?’

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The Street Pastors guide to better walking (5 steps)

It’s quite possible to walk the streets where you live and not know much about the dynamics that are at work there – local politics, mindsets and influences. But if we are perceptive and informed we can walk wisely, with a critical awareness of the events, environments and attitudes around us. We can use what we learn to ask questions, celebrate the good stuff and play an active part.

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