Category: Prayer

6 September, 2016

In reflection- Wendy Thomas’ Prayer Journey from Lands End to John O’Groats

Two years ago I asked God what he wanted me to do next and he said he wanted me to take his love to the nation and call his sons and daughters back to him. He said he wanted me to take a bus done out as the Father’s House from Land’s End to John […]

23 March, 2016

Older street and prayer pastors S.I.T

They might do it sitting down, but many older Christians are still committed to serving their communities and being people who stay in touch (S.I.T.) News headlines tell us a variety of stories about older people. One day it will be a story about loneliness, or about vulnerability and abuse, or an older person who has […]

22 February, 2016

“We pray so that you are not alone”

Prayer pastor Michelle describes a night when she clearly understood that praying for other people “gives them a break from doing life alone”.

12 February, 2016

Rail pastors step on board with amazing timing

“I never would have thought to ask for prayer,” said Kenny, but at the precise moment that three rail pastors stepped onto his train he heard the Lord’s Prayer playing on his MP3 player.

29 January, 2016

91-year-old David prays for Tunbridge Wells Street Pastors

We met David recently at the commissioning of new street, prayer and response pastors in Tunbridge Wells. Here he is talking about his role in the team as a prayer pastor.