Older street and prayer pastors S.I.T

They might do it sitting down, but many older Christians are still committed to serving their communities and being people who stay in touch (S.I.T.) News headlines tell us a variety of stories about older people. One day it will be a story about loneliness, or about...

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“Amazing ladies” pray for Harlow street pastors

Harlow Street Pastors are celebrating the service of two remarkable ladies, Betty Fibbens and Jean Hawting. Since Harlow Street Pastors started, over five years ago, Betty and Jean have been on the end of a phone and prayed at home virtually every night that the local team has been on patrol.

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Developing prayer for your Street Pastors team

Ideas from our national Management and Coordinators training days

Coordinators and trustees from Street Pastors teams all over the UK met together in July 2015 for prayer and training. Here are some of the topics that were discussed in relation to prayer support for Street Pastors teams.

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