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A startling fact about Street Pastors: Not everyone knows who we are

Jun 26, 2015 | Messages of thanks, What's happening?

 I met street pastors in Clacton.

What happened when you met the street pastors?

All I can remember is a lady’s voice asking me if I was ok.

Do you have a message for the team that you met?

I just want to thank the amazing people for whatever help they gave me on Friday night.

I woke up to find a pair of flip flops beside me and so I searched Google to try and find who “Street Pastors” were, as prior to this I had not heard of your organisation. I remember that a kind lady was with me, but that’s all I can recall. It’s only her voice that I can remember – it was reassuring and non-judgemental.

I spoke to my friends who I was out with that night and they explained a bit more.

They told me that the street pastors gave me water and flip flops. The street pastors thought that my behaviour resembled someone whose drink had been spiked. I don’t know what caused me to have such a bad turn.

I cannot express how grateful I am that someone was there for me at such a bad time. Next time I go out I will keep an eye open for street pastors to thank them. I wish I hadn’t met them under such negative circumstances. I think it is lovely that people voluntarily give up their time at night to deal with people who are worse for wear.

Thank you once again.