Lincoln Street Pastors go out on Saturdays and some fridays listening, caring and helping those who need it. Sometimes its just a chat, sometimes its helping someone when they’ve drunk too much, sometimes its supporting the door staff and local businesses, sometimes its just being present on the High Street. All the time we are out, as well as before and after, Lincoln Street Pastors are praying for the heart of the City.

Being a Lincoln Street pastor is all about being a member of a team that works together through prayer and action to help those out on the night time economy streets of Lincoln for the Love of God… Obeying the command to Love others as ourselves, being a witness of that love God has for each and every one of us whether behind the scenes as a prayer pastor praying into and over the city, its peoples and the team, or being out on the street as a visible Street Pastor listening, caring and helping those we meet on the streets…

A Lincoln Street Pastor is someone from the Christian community who is willing to care, listen and help, particularly people who have found themselves disenfranchised and/or marginalised from society. A Street Pastor is willing to engage with people in an open and non-judgmental manner, whatever their situation.

The Street Pastor is there to get to know people in the community and to build relationships in order to find out their needs and offer support or guidance. Street Pastors must gain the credibility of the community, so that the community knows that the Church has come to them.

On a typical patrol a Street Pastor team can –

– Help bring calm to aggressive situations:
– Support vulnerable people in different situations
– Privide a listening ear to those who want or need to talk
– Give out flip-flops to prevent injury to feet from broken glass
– Hand out bottles of water
– Supply thermal blankets to people at risk of exposure/hypothermia
– Clear away broken or discarded bottles or glass to remove potential weapons or sources of injury

Every week we go out to help reduce tension and build friendships and these then open opportunities for discussion.
Taking time to talk and listen to people who are lonely, stressed or despondent is one of the great opportunities we have to genuinely show we care, our prayer pastors then continue to hold those engagements and people up in prayer and intercession too.
We have over a thousand significant conversations each year, and we provide contact details where expert help is needed in hundreds of cases too… To be a Lincoln Street Pastor is to be the church active and alive on the night time streets of Lincoln, meeting, engaging with, and caring for all whom we meet without judgement of bias…

We’d love it if you wanted to join with us or support us in this vital city centre mission and work, please follow these links to find out more about the different ways you can…

Or make contact with our Coordinator, Melanie, at