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18 September, 2015

Raising standards in pubs and clubs: Best Bar None in Exeter

“In Exeter, the inspiration behind bringing Best Bar None to the city was the Rugby World Cup. Three matches will take place in Exeter and so there was a general desire to ensure that visitors to the city will have a good experience.

23 July, 2015

Aaron’s story

With thanks to Aaron, Preston & South Ribble Street Pastors, Ershad, Gourmet n Grill and Dave Brown. Since the filming of this video, Aaron has moved on from his job at the Gourmet n Grill.

10 June, 2015

Why I’m a street pastor

‘I wanted to get involved because I heard about it after going to church for many years – you sit there and think “How can I help?”’

18 February, 2015

What’s it like to be a young street pastor?

There are advantages and disadvantages to being a younger street pastor. I am closer to the age of many of the people that I’m likely to see out in the pubs in the village.

13 February, 2015

An interview with Portsmouth Street Pastors

The editor of AboutMyArea, Portsmouth’s community website, spent an evening with the Portsmouth team and asked them what motivates them to give up their Saturday nights.