Category: Street Pastors in the arts

13 January, 2016

“Make straight the way” – a song inspired by Street Pastors in the North East

Songwriter David Lee wrote the words of this song after hearing a BBC Look North report about Street Angels and Street Pastors.

23 November, 2015

A traffic light cake for new street and school pastors in the Isle of Wight

Thanks for the picture of this fabulous cake, the centrepiece of the buffet at a commissioning service for new street pastors and school pastors on the Isle of Wight.

25 September, 2015

“Hearts of mercy for the weary”: Street pastors inspire new words for an old hymn

A celebration of the work of Street Pastors and College Pastors in Orpington prompted Ivor Reveley to write a third verse for the hymn ‘Here is Love Vast as the Ocean’, with Street Pastors in mind.

11 September, 2015

A poem about Street Pastors (written by Carol Service)

We are Belfast Street Pastors and we go out at night,
We wear a uniform with our logo shining so bright.

3 August, 2015

A walk-on part for Street Pastors in crime fiction

We think this is a first for Street Pastors – an appearance in fiction, in Mark Billingham’s The Dying Hours (2013), pp. 240–241.