Category: Why Street Pastors?

6 February, 2015

What’s the point of street pastors? An answer to Critic no. 2

This critic is arguing two things: first, that the people that street pastors help are not really in need – they are just drunk, cold or wearing the wrong shoes. Second, the critic infers that the care that street pastors provide is not needed and over-protective.

4 February, 2015

What’s the point of Street Pastors? Answers to four critics

In this series of blogs I will tackle some of these negative comments. In answering them my hope is to allow these observations to tell us something about how we relate to each other and how, through the Street Pastors initiative, we might be able to find new ways to talk about responsibility, community and the Christian faith.

3 October, 2014

FAQ: Don’t street pastors just plug the gaps in local government budgets?

The question is really asking, where does responsibility fall for looking after those who need help in our society? Should we expect the government to look after us?