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Coordinator and Management Induction Day

Oct 11, 2019 | Events, Press releases, Training

Quotes from Feedback forms:


1. “Now much better prepared to do the job and broader awareness of other groups and our shared challenges.

2.”Very good day, now know how to use the portal and how to book training and the process of updating, I am glad I came.’

3.  “Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny which really helped our learning. Good pace, loved the style, family-feel of Ascension Trust staff.”

4. ” I gained an understanding of good governance and how and when to update ID cards and it gave a very positive opportunity to network with other areas”

5. The trainers were good, clear and concise”

6Very informative and enjoyable”

7. Clear Advice given in all areas”

8. Excellent training day friendly and informative”

9. Useful to know where I can find the help I need. Great to put faces to names!”

10. Info about CIO very useful- has given us a lot to think about”

11. “I’m new to the role so picking up & taking in lots of relevant knowledge was so helpful to me. I feel that I learned lots & having UKChurches there was extremely useful.”


The content of the day :


  • Brief history of Ascension Trust, Ethos, Culture and current themes
  • Relationships between Ascension Trust and Street Pastor Initiatives- Roles and Expectations
  • How to increase levels of recruitment and booking Training.
  • Legal/ policy and finance.
  • Data Protection.
  • Email, websites and use of the portal.
  • Uniforms and merchandise.
  • Next steps and how to grow your areas.


Areas we have already been too:

  1. Derby
  2. Maidstone
  3. London
  4. Cheltenham
  5. Ashby


If you would like this in your area to benefit your coordinators and management teams new and old, get in contact and we will bring it to you.

Contact: MaryAnn Parish | T: 0208 329 9641 E: