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Friday 16th June Deployment Report

Jun 19, 2017 | Press releases, Response Pastors

13 RPs today

Deployed initially to Methodist church to support pastor Mike and wife Suzie . we have sorted it to operate from there on Saturday and Sunday to be reviewed Monday. This has candles and flowers and continues as place for public grief.

Deployed to area of Latimer Christian centre where they are inundated with public support, clothes, food and other useful goods. They have a signing wall onnside of church which is another site of public affection. Same team covering Westway Sports centre which is main rest centre for displaced residents from inner cordon. Lots of positive interactions.

Myself and Monica deployed to inner cordon emergency services area supported by RRT Plymouth Brethren Food service and Salvation Army Tea Wagon. On route Monica had chance to do piece for Spanish speaking Internet outreach for South America Praise the Lord. We were well received in inner cordon. We continued round to Methodist centre where team were well deployed. We continued round to Latimer centre where it was very busy but team were busy elsewhere.

We met Team further down and they were very busy around a very tense public order situation which we all continued to monitor and pray over for a while and there was a definite tension
Easing after that. Great interactions with Bishop Graham Tomlin who asked us to go back into cordon to advertise the evenings 6.30pm service which we did with 20 pasters.

Lots more I could say but this is an amazing Ministry where Christians are bringing value.

It’s still early days with lots more body recovery to come. May take another few weeks to clear and identify remains and then funerals and charity concert and then inquest and removal of tower block.