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Message of thanks for Kirkcaldy Street Pastors

May 11, 2016 | Messages of thanks

“I have to thank the members of Kirkcaldy Street Pastors for the help and understanding they showed last night when they looked after my daughter.

“She was the one that was asleep in a doorway of a nightclub absolutely drunk.

“When I was told about the state she was in I came down to get her but couldn’t find her. I started to get even more worried about her safety as I was a police officer for 23 years and have seen everything.

“I phoned her mobile and was surprised when someone else answered her phone, but relieved and glad that she had the street pastors looking after her.

“I know what your organisation does so was pleased and relieved that the pastors had found her and were able to look after her and keep her safe until I got there to pick her up. Unfortunately I forgot to get their names to thank them as I was more intent on getting her in the car and home. Again I thank you and would like to thank the pastors that were looking after her and keeping her safe until I got there.”

Kirkaldy Street Pastors