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Older street and prayer pastors S.I.T

Mar 23, 2016 | Prayer, Think about it

They might do it sitting down, but many older Christians are still committed to serving their communities and being people who stay in touch (S.I.T.)

News headlines tell us a variety of stories about older people. One day it will be a story about loneliness, or about vulnerability and abuse, or an older person who has been the victim of a financial scam. On another day we’ll hear that old age is the golden age or that the ‘baby boomers’ are accumulating property and pension wealth.

We can show you another picture of old age

We meet lots of older people who are keen to stay in touch with their community and be part of the Church’s response to the needs and problems of the locality.

Older Christians


The gentleman in the photo (left) has served as a street pastor in Kent until last weekend when, at the age of 94 he stepped down from monthly patrols to take up a role as a prayer pastor in his team.





In East Grinstead the founder of Street Pastors, Les Isaac, recently had the pleasure of meeting three older ladies who pray for their Street Pastors team.

As 92-year-old Jeannie says, age and disability are not a barrier to prayer!

Street Pastors also need prayer support while working with the community, you just need a telephone to receive the requests for prayer for the different problems people share with them.

Age and disability are not a barrier – I speak from experience and I am so grateful to still be able to serve the Lord (while sitting in my chair, aged 92). Street Pastors would welcome your offer of becoming a prayer warrior.

Meet David, who is now 91, and became a street pastor when he moved from Cambridge to Tunbridge Wells to be near his daughter. In 2015, with failing eyesight, David transferred to become a prayer pastor. His desire is “just to continue”.

What wonderful role models – we honour and respect you! It is our hope that the Street Pastors initiative may be a catalyst for prayer in our nation and for the mobilisation of ordinary Christians in response to the community around them, and we are excited by the evidence that many older Christians are rising to the challenge.