Phase 2

This is Nigel from UKChurches.
This page introduces you to the next phase of the process which give you the option to move from having a single page website to having a full blown website.

If you do not require a full website at the moment, and would just like to update your homepage so that it shows a welcome message from you and up to date contact details, then click here.

If you would like to proceed to having a full website, then please fill out the form below


  • 1. If you had a website and it was hacked, we will send you what files we have retrieved safely, and you will need to start afresh.

    2. If your website is still live, we will build your site and copy paste your content.

    By hitting submit, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

    1. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of your Licensing Agreement with Ascension Trust.

    2. You agree and understand that at a designated point any previous site you have had with Ascension Trust and Street Pastors will be superseded by this website and any domain name supplied by Street Pastors will point to your new sites location.

    3. The copyright to your content remains your property and the copyright of the design remains the property of Street Pastors and Ascension Trust.

    4. Your new website will not link out to unofficial Street Pastors websites that you may maintain elsewhere.