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Spotlight on … Roy

Mar 7, 2016 | Spotlight on a volunteer

Name: Roy

Age: 69

I’ve been a street pastor for five years.


Why did you choose to volunteer for this role?

After spending many years in the church it was time to get out there where the people are and engage with them on a practical level, taking Jesus Christ to them instead of expecting them to come into the alien world of the church.

Also it is the best outreach I have experienced, bringing Christians together from different denominations with a common purpose and vision.

I have found that being  a street pastor is not all about giving out, but a great training ground for thinking through what we as Christians really believe, and learning (sometime from others) how to communicate it to those who need answers.

Which parts of your role do you enjoy most and why?

Conversation, because it usually means people are curious about what we are doing and why.

What do you do when you are not street pastoring?

I retired recently. In my working life I was (at different times) a butcher, farmer, home renovator and gardener.

What has most surprised you about being a street pastor?

How generally well received we are.

What would you most like to see change in your town or city?

More Christians getting out of their churches and engaging with people in a practical way.

What do you do if you are finding an incident or an individual difficult?

Radio back to base for prayer back-up.

Tell us one thing about you not related to street pastoring.

I  have five grandchildren and I enjoy being part of a model railway club.

How has being a street pastor changed you?

It has made me more pragmatic about how we communicate the good news of Jesus.


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