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‘Street Pastors are go’: New teams are commissioned

May 27, 2015 | Training, What's happening?

Many new Street Pastors volunteers started training back in February, so by May many of them will have reached the stage at which they can be ‘commissioned’ – made ready to be an official street pastor.

Often new recruits are asked to respond to some simple questions as a sign of their commitment to being a street pastor and serving the place where they live.

Do you acknowledge God’s call upon your life to serve him as a street pastor here in [your town] ?

Do you seek with God’s help to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed on the streets of [your town]?

Do you promise to serve as a street pastor in accordance with the policies determined by the trustees?

On the basis of the answers to these questions, the officiating person will say ‘It is my privilege and delight to commission you as street pastors!’

Congratulations also to new street pastors in Bewdley, Rye and Winchester who have also recently added new volunteers to their teams. Edinburgh Street Pastors will be commissioning 15 new volunteers this Friday, 29 May, at a special celebration service.