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Aug 1, 2018 | Press releases

Dear Rev Isaac

You will be aware the assistance of the Street Pastors was sought by the ‘Builth Wells Event Safety Group’ following the tragic death of James Corfield at The Royal Welsh Show last year.

I am very glad to report this year’s show passed without serious incident. This was due in no small part to the incredible dedication and professionalism of the various teams of Pastors, very ably led and coordinated by my good friend Wayne Evans.

To be frank, I have rarely seen such scenes, as I am sure many of my Colleagues, fellow Safety Event Group members and indeed Street Pastors will testify. To see in excess of 10 very intoxicated and vulnerable people being tended to at one time within the confines of our ‘welfare centre’, along with many dozens on the street itself, made me wonder how we ever survived in the past without the Pastors. They worked tirelessly until gone 0300 hours throughout the extended period of the show, not only to keep the many thousands of young people safe on the street; but they also bolstered the morale of the Police and other agencies with their tireless dedication and faith to do the very best they could for everyone.

It was a real honour to work with Wayne and his teams. A heart felt thank to you and the Street Pastors.

Kind regards

Matt Scrase
Chief Inspector / Prif Arolygydd
Divisional Police Headquarters Brecon / Pencadlys Rhanbarthol-Yr-Heddlu Aberhonddu