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We did it !! London to Brighton

Sep 28, 2018 | Press releases

An early start 4:30am, no time for the snooze button. A short drive to the other side of colchester to collect 2 more riders  on to Dartford to pick up our very mixed ability group- one group riding for Bloodwise and us riding for Streetpastors. On to Clapham Common for the start of our adventure. We started cycling around 8:50am. Our aim to make it to the lunch station at mile 30 – if we can get that far we are sure we can get to the finish…

Live roads !! Plenty of traffic to negotiate and signs to look out for. The pedalling was hard, very hard , who knew we had so many hills to climb, oh the joy of the downhill sections. Aching muscles and very sore derrière we make lunch. The group has fragmented a little so lucy and I wait for the rest while Olukayode Powered on to Brighton. Once fed we embarked on the next stage. This involves an epic climb up Ditchling beacon which is a mile section straight up bending and twisting. Once that gruelling ascent is accomplished you are treated to an amazing panoramic view , making the near cardiac arrest inducing climb worth doing. An easier ride back down heading into Brighton and an emotional glide battling with cars and busses to the finish line having achieved something huge. We are a group of nobody’s with nothing more than determination to just do it. Every one of us crossed the finish line broken but elated and feeling like someone who can … And they did 👊

Thank you so much to all who have donated. There is still plenty of opportunity to donate 👍