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Why I’m a street pastor

Jun 10, 2015 | Interviews, What's happening?

‘I wanted to get involved because I heard about it after going to church for many years – you sit there and think “How can I help?”

‘After I retired I spent a year travelling but then came to the conclusion that it was time to do something useful and use my skills. I wasn’t ready to put my feet up and I thought this sounded like me.’

‘I joined a local church but my shift pattern meant I wasn’t able to attend services every Sunday. I thought about how else I could help people. This is the ideal way for me.’

‘I got involved because it was an opportunity to do something outside of church and a very practical thing. It’s about doing stuff rather than talking about stuff.’

‘I’ve got grown-up children and it was their experience that motivated me. I really wish there had been people like street pastors when they were going out clubbing, but there wasn’t. My son got into all sorts of stuff with drugs and my daughter once had a crisis in getting home so I want to be there for the kids who are out there today.’

‘I just want to be there to be a caring hand. I’ve been there in my younger days, and I wish there had been someone there for me.’

‘I am the proud father of three lovely children who are now grown-up. When they were younger there were many times that I had to drive to places, feeling very anxious, to scoop them up. When I heard about Street Pastors I thought, wouldn’t it have been great to know that as I travelled to get my children, they were safe with an appropriate adult caring for them? Now I can be there for other Dads as they travel to collect their loved ones.’ 

‘I love meeting Christians from other churches and doing something in unity.’

‘I like giving out lollipops! I like being out where people are and having no restrictions, having time for people and not making any judgements.’