Category: Messages of thanks

12 February, 2016

Rail pastors step on board with amazing timing

“I never would have thought to ask for prayer,” said Kenny, but at the precise moment that three rail pastors stepped onto his train he heard the Lord’s Prayer playing on his MP3 player.

13 January, 2016

Thanks for Southwark Street Pastors from British Transport Police

This message of thanks comes from an officer with the British Transport Police, following Southwark Street Pastors’ work with the Safe Place project at London Bridge station in December.

11 November, 2015

Mums’ messages of thanks to Coleraine Street Pastors

Two lovely messages of thanks from grateful mums posted on the Facebook page of Coleraine Street Pastors.  

12 October, 2015

“Thank you’s” from the Police

This message of thanks to Southend Street Pastors was given at a Police & Neighbourhood meeting.

16 September, 2015

#youmakeadifference tweets Chief Constable

It followed a conversation that the coordinator of Southend Street Pastors had with a rough sleeper who had contacted the team to ask for a sleeping bag.