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12 June, 2015

Cleared for take off: Training new street pastors wherever they are

The Street Pastors initiative has grown dramatically since its birth in London 12 years ago, when the Church began to establish new forms of contact with hard-to-reach communities of young or disenfranchised people in urban centres.

1 June, 2015

First Response Pastors team outside London is commissioned

Street pastors in Bexhill, Sussex, have completed a Response Pastors training day and will form the first Response Pastors team outside of London – Bexhill Response Pastors. The volunteers have received their uniforms and certificates and were commissioned as Response Pastors at a service last week.

27 May, 2015

‘Street Pastors are go’: New teams are commissioned

Many new Street Pastors volunteers started training back in February, so by May many of them will have reached the stage at which they can be ‘commissioned’ – made ready to be an official street pastor.

8 May, 2015

Diary of a Street Pastors trainee: Listening skills

Have you heard this one before?

How many animals of each species did Moses take into the ark?

25 March, 2015

Diary of a trainee: Be awake!

Session: Practical assignment – a night out as an observer with one of my local teams