Category: Training

18 March, 2015

Diary of a trainee Street Pastor: Engaging at the right level

This was an eye-opening session, which while it didn’t exactly turn my assumptions about homeless people upside down, did begin the process of making me better informed about the local rough sleeping scene and the available services.

11 March, 2015

Diary of a Street Pastors trainee: Streets you know, nightlife you don’t

Who: Members of the management team, local administrator, coordinator and trainees.

Key messages of the session: What SPs don’t do (knowing the boundaries) is as important as what they do do.

6 March, 2015

Diary of a Street Pastors trainee: The icebreaker

Who was there: Ascension Trust Representative (the trainer for the day), members of the management team, local administrator, a few existing SPs who popped in to say hello, and 12 new trainees from 11 different local churches.

4 March, 2015

The Street Pastors training course: What does it cover?

The Street Pastors training course presents the ethos of the Street Pastors initiative, and contains resources to prepare teams for appropriate and relevant relationships on the streets. It aims to bring together the challenges of a Christian responsibility for our neighbourhoods with the specialised knowledge vital to participation in 21st-century culture.

2 March, 2015

New recruits spring into Street Pastors training: Why do we train street pastors?

What does springtime mean to you? Blossom? Daffodils? Lambs? Cleaning? Spring is all about the promise of growth, warmth and colour.