Category: What’s happening?

16 January, 2015

Northern lights

Electricity on and off, internet down and up, ferries in-service or cancelled … Street Pastors in Stornoway will run on another power source.

19 December, 2014

O little town of Beckenham

Beckenham, in the Greater London borough of Bromley, operates a small team of street pastors who are out on patrol on Friday nights. Beckenham is a small satellite, not just of London but of nearby Bromley, although it’s Beckenham that has the nightlife in the borough, with a couple of clubs and lots of eating places.

10 October, 2014

Chief Super’s short story of Street Pastors

1. ‘I’d better do something about this.’

2. Got key partners together.

8 October, 2014

‘How refreshing to hear God mentioned in public’ say dignitaries at Queen’s Award presentation

Who said what at the presentation of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service to Taunton Street Pastors? Listen here and find out!

29 September, 2014

Street Pastors in Hastings sign a new agreement with Police

A special agreement has been drawn up between police and Hastings Street Pastors. “We value the continuation of this arrangement which sets out how police and pastors function in partnership yet maintaining Street Pastor’s independence and integrity,” said Martin West, Coordinator of Hastings Street Pastors. “We look forward to many more years working to promote […]