Category: What’s happening?

29 September, 2014

Street Pastors in Hastings sign a new agreement with Police

A special agreement has been drawn up between police and Hastings Street Pastors. “We value the continuation of this arrangement which sets out how police and pastors function in partnership yet maintaining Street Pastor’s independence and integrity,” said Martin West, Coordinator of Hastings Street Pastors. “We look forward to many more years working to promote […]

26 September, 2014

We love it when a plan comes together

Today is Friday and all over the country street pastors are preparing for their weekend shift. But we champion the others, too, who are catching the vision, praying and planning as they start the process of becoming a Street Pastors team. Take a tour of some of these areas …

24 September, 2014

‘Come and see what we do’: Billericay councillor takes up invitation

Independent Billericay councillor Adam Adshead went out with his local Street Pastors team and ‘caught a glimpse’ of what the volunteers do. Read his blog here.

19 September, 2014

The Street Pastors Bible … coming soon

Along with water, flip flops and space blankets, a Street Pastors team always carries a Bible. They may not get it out of the rucksack very often, but some of their conversations are about spiritual subjects, and then they might want to open it up.

17 September, 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury becomes street pastor for a night

The Archbishop of Canterbury has swapped his mitre and cassock for a baseball hat and a high-visiblity jacket to meet late-night clubbers – and even pose for selfies.