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The blogs you liked best in 2015

Dec 31, 2015 | What's happening?

#1 Normal guy thanks Street Pastors and 172 people comment (April 2015)

This was simply a post on, the social networking and news site, where registered members post content and registered users vote it “up” or “down”. The “normal guy” posted his thanks to street pastors in Glasgow … and a lot of people chipped in.

#2 What’s the point of Street Pastors? Answers to four critics (February 2015)

Occasionally the ethos of Street Pastors is challenged. The starting place for this series of four blogs was the words of critics found online or in the local press, and you liked the way we talked about responsibility, community and the Christian faith in reply.

#3 Around the Street Pastors network in pictures (June 2015)

Street pastors are active in 270 locations around the UK – this handful of images speaks of our common purpose and local diversity.